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All nonfiction books need a quality index.
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Recent titles:
Forks, (Karl)
Being Both, (Katz Miller), Beacon Press 
Back to Normal, (Gnaulati), Beacon Press
What Doctors Feel, (Ofri), Beacon Press  
Sanford Health, Write Stuff Enterprises  
Culinary Design, (McCay)
Gynecological Cancer Surgery, (Morrow) 
Roadmap Series-Recompete, Avenue Design
Roadmap Series-Orals, Avenue Design
In a Single Garment of Destiny, (Baldwin), Beacon Press
Follow the Money, (Thomas), The Center for Community Solutions
Tamarix, (Sher/Quigley), Oxford University Press
Divided We Fail, (Garland), Beacon Press  
MCAT Physics Review, Kaplan Publishing
Rare Birds, (Gehrman), Beacon Press
Moretrench, Write Stuff Enterprises
Chosen People, (Dorman), University of Kansas
The Color of Jesus, (Blum/Harvey), UNC Press
Healthways, Write Stuff Enterprises
The Legend of Nucor, Write Stuff Enterprises
The Most Expensive Game in Town, (Hyman), Beacon Press 
Old Dominion Freight Lines, Write Stuff Enterprises 
Straight, (Blank), Beacon Press 
Moses, Jesus, and the Trickster in the Evangelical South, (Harvey), University of Georgia Press   
Emigrants on the Overland Trail, (LaSalle), Truman State University Press 
The Columbia Guide to Religion in American History, (Harvey and Blum), Columbia University Press 
Luther's Aesop, (Springer),Truman State University Press
The Odd Clauses, (Wexler), Beacon Press
Medical Response to Adult Sexual Assault, STM Learning  
Showdown, (Smith), Beacon Press
Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell, (Hicks), SAPIEN Press
Images of Leprosy, (Boeckl), Truman State University Press 
Powering Business, Write Stuff Enterprises 
Freedom from Body Memory (Tripodi)
A History of Piedmont Natural Gas, Write Stuff Enterprises 
Masculinity and Japan's Foreign Relations, (Mikanagi), First Forum Press
Innovation, Passion, Success, Write Stuff Enterprises
Medical Response to Child Sexual Abuse, STM Learning
Goldie's Curve Ball (Castle)
JELD-WEN Celebrating 50 Years, Write Stuff Enterprises 
The Fragile Foundations of Jewish Power in America (Ginsberg), Verbis Publishing
A Symphony of Soloists, Write Stuff Enterprises
American Plastic (Essig), Beacon Press
Disruptive Business  (Manu), Gower Publishing
Microsoft Hyper-V:TFM  (Townsend), SAPIEN Press 
Miami Flavors, Miami Children's Hospital Foundation Community Council
I have indexed titles in the subject areas of science, nutrition, history, government, medicine, culinary science, sports, computer software, business, allied health, politics and psychology.
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Back of the Book Indexing
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