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All nonfiction books need a quality index.
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"Of my seven books, I compiled the index to only one, the first, and swore a mightly oath, when I finished the task, that I would rather die, and in a particularly unpleasant manner, than do it again." 
"Easy as a, b, d"  by Bernard Levin, The Times (London), December 23, 1985.  


Let someone who welcomes the task index your book.


Back of the Book Indexing compiles clear, concise, author pleasing, reader friendly indexes that will enhance sales of your book. Contact me for a quote on your index.

Specialties Include:
  • medical reference

  • history

  • textbooks

  • science

  • trade publications

  • alternative medicine

  • allied health

  • nutrition

  • adoption and adoption law

  • sports

  • culinary arts

  • computer software

  • children's non-fiction

  • biography

  • home restoration

  • fiber arts

  • travel

  • animals

  • child development and parenting

Donna M. Drialo
Back of the Book Indexing
Colorado Springs, CO
719-339-3673 (mobile)
719-442-1983 (fax)