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All nonfiction books need a quality index.
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Sixteenth Century Journal, 44 (Spring 2013), review of Luther's Aesop by Springer (Truman State University Press)
"Over a dozen pages of bibliographic information conclude the book, along with two final and fine topical and scriptural reference indexes, prepared by Donna M. Drialo".
"I am amazed at the extent you have gone to in order to get the Index right. Amazed, grateful and impressed!
I had done everything else on the project myself--researching and writing 600-plus pages and gathering, scanning and inserting scores of graphics over a period of more than a decade. So why, I asked myself, shouldn't I create the index, too?
After two months of strugging with it, trying and discarding one program after another, and discovering what a truly complex job I had blithely tried to tackle, I surrendered.
The smartest thing I ever did was finding you. Your work was outstanding. You did a magnificent job for me and I will be forever grateful. What a treasure you are!"
 Richard T. Griffin, author of Colonels and Kings, Nineteen Centuries of One Family's History
"I want to thank you so much for joining our team, and especially for alleviating this last minute burden. We can now see the finish line more clearly because of you..."
Susan Morton, President, Miami Children's Hospital Foundation Community Council (, Miami Flavors
"I really like the index, it looks great. And it's also been a pleasure working with you Donna, thank you. I'll be back with you as soon as I get this project to the printer. Until then, take care. Thanks again for a great index."
 John R. Castle, author of Goldie's Curve Ball
"I finished proofing the index today and I am so amazed at how quickly and how perfectly you did it.  I have no idea what the process of an indexer is, but I can't imagine anyone being faster or more thorough then you were.  After all these many months of work, these pages finally look like a book.  Thank you so much for your great work and your concern."
 Linda MacKenzie, Miami Children's Hospital Foundation (, Miami Flavors