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All nonfiction books need a quality index.
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My mission is to provide you with an index to your specifications, on time, that adds to the value of your book.  My every indexing decision is made with excellence in mind.  

My fees range from $2.00 to $5.00 per indexable page. Generally the material in front of and in back of the main text is not indexable, however, illustrations, tables, graphs and photos usually are indexed. My per page rate for your book will be based on the subject complexity, your index specifications, the number of indexes required per text, any restrictions on the length of the index, and how quickly the index is needed.  In most cases I will request a chapter or two from the middle of the book to review before presenting a fee quote.  


For additional information on working with a freelance indexer please see the Editorial Freelancer's Association chart of editorial rates, 

and the American Society for Indexing's information on working with freelance indexers,  


I work with Sky and CINDEX indexing software.  


Contact me for a quote on your index. 

Donna M. Drialo
Back of the Book Indexing
Colorado Springs, CO
719-339-3673 (mobile)
719-442-1983 (fax)
Indexing Education:
Indexing: Theory and Application,
University of California Berkeley,
Sylvia Coates, instructor
Polishing Your Index,
Enid Zafran, instructor
On Aboutness,
Kate Mertes, instructor
Indexing Boot Camp,
Enid Zafran, instructor
Sky Index Professional, 
Kamm Schreiner, presenter
 Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies, Fred Leise, presenter
Decision Making in Index Design, 
Kari Kells and Sherry Smith, presenters
Perspectives on Book Indexing: Best Practices and Business Nuts and Bolts,
Nancy Mulvany and Gale Rhoades, presenters
How to Index, Susan Holbert, instructor
Member of:
Board of Directors, American Society for Indexing, Program Planning Committee Chair, 2011-2013 Annual Conferences
American Society for Indexing
(Rocky Mountain Chapter)
American Society for Indexing
Scholarly Special Interest Group
American Society for Indexing
Culinary Special Interest Group
American Society for Indexing Sports/Fitness Special Interest Group
American Society for Indexing History/Archaeology Special Interest Group
Rocky Mountain Publishing Professionals Guild
Book Builders of Boston  
Regular participant in indexer peer review meetings.
Prior Experience:
Twelve years as an adoption consultant, working with families seeking to adopt children domestically, internationally, and from the public care system.
Fourteen years in the commercial liability insurance industry in the field of claims and claims litigation.